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Last preparations of Swedish and Norwegian elite athletes for the European Championships

Daniel Ståhl, Diskus, Silver medalist European Athletics Championships 2018
Performed by Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein; powered by Qualisys ABDaniel Ståhl, Diskus, Silver medalist European Athletics Championships 2018 Performed by Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein; powered by Qualisys AB

3D movement analyses of elite atletes

In July, more than 20 track & field athletes from Sweden and Norway have been analyz3d in Växjö, Sweden, to prepare for the final stage of their season. Within the four throwing disciplines, Shot Put, Diskus, Javelin and Hammer throwing, the athletes’ throwing technique has been recorded with 14 3D-cameras and two high-speed cameras to enable the evaluation of discipline-specific parameters in relation to the throwing distance.The 3D-movement analyses have been carried out the second consecutive year in Växjö by Dr. Tobias Hein, a former scientist from Göteborg Universitet, now working for “Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein”, in Basel, Switzerland. In total, eight of the tested athletes participated at the 24th European Athletics Championships in Berlin one month later; five of them even proceeding to the final. With one silver medal from Daniel Ståhl and a spectacular 4th place from Simon Pettersson in the male Diskus competition, the overall performances were very successful.

Exceptional insights into the biomechanics and kinematics

In Växjö, four measurement days have been organized by the head coach of Swedish throwing, Anders Axlid, each day focusing on one specific discipline. During Day 1 and 2, the camera system has been set up in indoors facilities (Telekonsult Arena and Tippshallen) in order to analyze male and female shot putters and diskus throwers. Equipped with more than 25 markers on their body and one on the shot/diskus, the throwing procedure was recorded in 3D. Thus, for example, timing variables, hip-shoulder-separation, the centre of gravity movement and their influence on release angle and speed of release of the shot/diskus can be analyzed with regard to the throwing distance. This is a unique approach leading to individual information about performance variables and their connection to the final result. With throws of more than 65m indoors, Daniel Ståhl showed world-class performance during the 3D analyses offering exceptional insights into the biomechanics and kinematics of Diskus throwing.

Figure 1: Frida Åkerström (Shot Put), Sofi Flink (Javelin), Oscar Vestlund (Hammer), Daniel Ståhl (Diskus)

Outdoor measurements

During Day 3 and 4, the camera system has been set up outdoors (Värendsvallen) for analyzing Javelin and Hammer throwing. With sunlight and the big measurements volumes which needed to be covered, two challenges have been faced. But with the Qualisys cameras and the software, carrying out these kind of measurements have been possible. For Javelin throwing, additional parameters, as angle of release, angle of attack, step lengths, running speed and its decelleration during the last three steps and many more have been implemented in the analyses helping the throwers and their coaches to improve the technique.

The goal of this project is be to establish a direct link between the different kinematic variables and the most important parameters “speed of release” and “angle of release” in order to improve the athletes technique and consequently overall results.

Athletes participating in the analyses and European Athletics Championships 2018 

  • Daniel Ståhl, Diskus, silver medalist and World Lead Throw 2018, 69,72m
  • Simon Pettersson, Diskus, 4th place 
  • Sofi Flink, Javelin, 10th place
  • Fanny Roos, Shot Put, 11th place 
  • Ola Stunes Isene, Diskus, 11th place 
  • Vanessa Kamga, Diskus
  • Frida Åkerström, Shot Put
  • Axel Härstedt, Diskus,

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tobias.hein@analyz3d.ch, +41765959611, www.analyz3d.ch

Figure 2: Diskus throw in 3d with Diskus trajectory (frontal view, side view and top view. ©Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein).

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