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Qualisys Debuts Its Clinically Renowned Technology as the Ultimate 3D Golf Analysis Tool at This Year’s PGA Show

Orlando, Florida USA, January 24, 2020 - Qualisys, the world leader in sports performance motion capture technology, presents its cutting-edge Golf Analysis Module at the PGA Merchandise Show.

The complexity and sheer speed of the movements that make up a golf swing means that it is nearly impossible to accurately measure and analyze a golfer’s form. This is where the Qualisys motion capture technology enters the game.

The Qualisys Golf Module is used by experts in the field of golf-specific biomechanics to enhance player performance, to highlight prospective injury risks, and as a rehabilitation aide for all-to-common joint and ligament injuries. The system creates a precise three-dimensional model of the athlete’s body in action, allowing coaches and trainers to slow the process down and show players the specific details of each phase of their swing – details that cannot be measured by any other means of motion tracking.

“A lot of golf instructors take a look at 2D as a way to analyze golf swings, and you can get a lot of good information from that,” mentions Eric Handley, Director of the Golf Teaching and Research Center at Penn State University and avid Qualisys User, “but to start to quantify movements of the golfer, you really need a 3D system.”

The report zeros in on all relevant biomechanical variables that make up a golf swing, including address position alignment, club speed from take away to impact, the full kinematic sequence, and rotational measurements contributing to the athlete’s X-factor.

A critical component of the system is its force integration, which sets Qualisys’ Golf Module apart from any other optical motion capture reporting tool on the market. Force plates are used in golf to measure how the athlete’s weight is distributed and where the body is exerting pressure on the ground during the swing. The Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) software supports a wide range of force plates to simultaneously capture force and motion data and process it in the report for full kinematic analysis. 

At this years’ PGA Merchandise Show, coaches, physical therapists, university programs, and golf organizations are able to explore the full range of functionalities that the Qualisys system brings to the table and see firsthand how the game-changing Qualisys Golf Analysis Module will help their players and clients take a swing in the right direction.


About Qualisys

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering, entertainment, and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services and has offices in Gothenburg, Chicago, and Shanghai. Qualisys is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, our clinical products are compliant with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and have FDA clearance (K171547).


Stephanie Knustrom
Communications Manager Qualisys Americas
Stephanie Knustrom