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Qualisys Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Interactive Art at GDC 2024

Mocap Actor, Phillip "Fury" Wainwright flips into action at the Qualisys booth during GDC 2024Mocap Actor, Phillip "Fury" Wainwright flips into action at the Qualisys booth during GDC 2024

San Francisco, CA USA, March 29, 2024 In a significant stride forward for motion capture technology, Qualisys made its return to San Francisco for the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) 2024, showcasing an array of its motion capture solutions tailored for the film, gaming, and live broadcasting. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the capabilities of real-time character solving across both human and animal forms, marking a pivotal moment in mocap innovation.

Qualisys GDC 2024 Highlight Video


Qualisys - Manus Collaboration Unveiled

In a move that underscores the collaborative spirit driving technological advancements, Qualisys took the wraps off the highly anticipated integration with Metagloves by Manus. Throughout the conference, partners from Manus joined the Qualisys booth, providing daily demonstrations of the integration's capabilities. This partnership exemplifies the synergy between leading technologies, promising to elevate user experiences in virtual environments.

Our team at Manus and Qualisys are proud to have showcased the best of body and finger capture in a simple integrated pipeline at GDC2024. It was a blast to be a part of this amazing event and team.” said Gerald van de Riet, Business Development Manager at Manus.

Mocap from Head to Tail

A highlight of Qualisys' presence at GDC was the partnership with Gilles Jobin and his team, who performed "RESET! Beasts and Demons." This unique live performance, digitally enhanced through Qualisys' mocap technology, offered a glimpse into the future of interactive art and entertainment. Originating from Geneva, Switzerland, the team's commitment to blending live performance with digital enhancement has set a new standard for mocap applications in artistic expressions.

The performances served as a testament to the versatility and precision of Qualisys' mocap system. Capturing the intricate movements of dancers transformed into avatars and virtual narratives in real-time, this performance showcased the unparalleled ability of Qualisys' custom solver to accurately mocap complex figures, including the nuanced motion of a beast's tail.

A Bright Future

Qualisys' participation in GDC 2024 underscored its position as a leader in the motion capture technology industry. Through professional presentations, technical demonstrations, and meaningful collaborations, Qualisys continues to inspire and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with mocap.

About Qualisys

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering, entertainment, and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services and has offices in Gothenburg, Chicago, and Shanghai. Qualisys is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, our clinical products are compliant with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and have FDA clearance (K171547).